Website Redesign: Why You Need it Now

If you have a site that is more than two years old since its last redesign or update, it’s time to consider a website redesign. As you know, one of the most vital things that you can do in the digital era is to keep the content on your website fresh and current. And, that’s something you can do easily with a blog. However, technology changes so much now, that keeping an eye on site developments is a necessity. It’s no longer a process that you can do from time to time. As a result, it’s something to consider as a regular activity done by your marketing team.

Remember, your website is the place where most of your prospects and clients will first get to know you. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that the site design is spot on to how you want to communicate your brand. So, think through what has to get done to improve or update your site. Doing so allows you to inform and even upsell current clients and get the attention of potential ones. Know this, ignoring your site will cost you revenue and profit that you may not fully realize. So, take put on your marketing lens and make sure you show innovation for value creation.

Site design and inconsistency in your brand

One of the first things to consider is if your brand represents the positioning of your business today. Often, when people start a business, they create a brand where marketing is consistent. However, over time, things change. Perhaps your products or services have evolved and improved. Or, maybe you’ve tweaked or overhauled your brand colors, logo, and image. But it’s not fully reflected on your site, or even your site redesign plans. Even small changes should get made on your website, particularly in the digital era.

Remember, audiences see thousands of images a day. So in all website redesign and update work, consistency of the brand is vital to ensure that your audience remembers you. The consistency is what remains memorable to your audience.

Outdated or unfriendly site

Again, many business owners pay attention to their website when they’re starting their companies. But then they get immersed in the day to day of running their business, and their site recedes in focus. If your site is outdated or has a look that looks old, you have to freshen it with site design. Today’s audience wants to see lots of relevant imagery. Because of great photography, people enjoy the excellent use of white space and minimal written copy.

Be sure to remember that less is more concerning any website redesign. People have short attention spans today, and it’s difficult for them to read lots of information. So, keep things short and to the point. Also, if your site is not mobile-ready, responsive, and SEO optimized, then you have to change it—now. All of these tools drive people to your site. As a result, people find you based on search engine rankings. Further, it’s likely that they will search on their mobile devices and not on a computer. So, you must have a user-friendly site, SEO optimized, responsive, and mobile-ready.

Website redesign and change of audience

Inevitably, especially if your company has been around for years, your audience has evolved and changed. Perhaps you started with the shotgun approach for prospects. But with time, you’ve developed and targeted your audience better. That reality has to be represented on your site. If your website looks as if you’re everything to everyone, it doesn’t work. For instance, our supply chain team talks a lot about how they see companies miss things because they focus on too much for too many. When people go to a site, they decide seconds as to whether or not to remain. That means that what they see in images, videos, and what they read has to resonate quickly.

Improper functioning of a website

Do you happen to have a blog, perhaps, or links throughout your site that link back to pages that are no longer live? Do your forms work properly? Or, have customers said that they wanted to sign up, purchase a product, or receive more information and have had trouble? If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then you have to fix it immediately. And, depending on the situation, you may need a full site redesign. Again, most people who find something that doesn’t work will leave and go to your competitor. In other words, most won’t take the time to tell you that they tried something on your site and weren’t able to do it properly.

So, check your blogs, look at the site on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) as well as on your desktop computer. And don’t forget to test out all aspects of what customers would experience on your website. Any issues, depending on circumstance, may require minor tweaks or a website redesign.

Your competitor makes you green with envy

It’s a good idea to take a look at what your competitors are doing from time to time. And one of the best places to start is by visiting their website. As yourself what they have that you can add to your site or that they’re doing better than you. If you want to receive information from an impartial party, a marketing services team and ask them to evaluate your site. Also, ask them to do it in comparison to your competitors.

Remember, that technology and website redesign techniques change enormously year to year. Frankly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having a dated website. Again, it can only take a year or two for your site to look as if it’s years old. Frankly, updating or redesigning your website does not have to be difficult when you partner with a good design team. In marketing, which drives sales, every element, especially your site is important for the success of your sales, and ultimately, your business.


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